What’s happening on the map?

As the year goes on and we slowly make our way out of lockdown, more in-person events are beginning to take place — which means we’re starting to see more happening on the roads again. Our customers are beginning to log current and future events on the one.network map, and we found a few which we thought you might find interesting.

1. Street markets are thriving

A very positive trend we’ve been noticing is an influx of street markets across the UK. Since the first lockdown back in April 2020, people have started to shop more locally and visit their local markets, not just to find food that was unavailable on the sparse supermarket shelves, but also as a relatively safe outdoor activity.

We expect this influx of markets plotted on the one.network map reflects the fact that markets are becoming a more popular place to shop and buy groceries — which is of course fantastic news for local communities.

2. Wildlife bouncing back

Our favourite event plotted on the one.network map is the Annual Toad Migration. Yes, you heard us right! Every year, the common toad migrates back to its ancestral breeding pond, following the same route every time – no matter the obstacles in their path.

The Froglife Newton Valence Charity has jumped to defend its toads, and has secured a temporary road closure for the migratory crossing of over 1000 common toads back to their home; Newton Valence Pond.

The closure lasts six weeks, ending on the 14th of March, by which time all the toads will have made their journey. We love hearing stories like this, and hope all goes well for the toads on their journey home.

3. Experimental traffic schemes

Next up is an interesting update from Telford and Wrekin Borough Council.

After a series of investigations into traffic flow and vehicular speeds along Horton Lane in Telford, they’ve brought forward an experimental scheme to ban motor vehicles on this road and junction.

The hope is that this will prevent unsuitable vehicles travelling (and potentially getting stuck) down this rural, residential road.

4. Sports are coming back

In other news, we’ve seen a pick-up in sports event-planning activity. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council have announced that going forward, there will be traffic restrictions put in place down Kings Park Drive and Thistlebarrow Road in Bournemouth in order to help facilitate the passage of traffic on matchdays.

Similarly, Cheshire East council have mapped some potential closures (left) on Nantwich Road and Gresty Road for Crewe Alexandra home games, in the Alexandra stadium.

It seems local councils are planning ahead for the return of outdoor sports come Summer 2021.

5. Cleaning up the roads

Despite probably a record year for sales, we spotted Dettol, everybody’s favourite disinfectant brand, filming in Sandwell, Birmingham. The Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council reported the closure of Norton Close for this filming. Did anyone get a sneak peak?

6. Food for thought

And last but not least, now that we’re expanding into the US we thought we’d give you a quick snapshot of what’s happening over on the US roadways.

A new In-N-Out Burger is having its “Grand Opening” in Lone Tree, Colorado on South Yosemite Street. The City of Lone Tree has reported the possibility of heavy delays from the 26th of February until the 3rd of April.

Who knew fast food could have such an impact?

As you can see, there’s more and more activity being recorded on the one.network map every day. It’s great to see local authorities and organisations using our platform to share their works plans and events, and we hope to see the volume of events continue as lockdowns begin to ease.

Curious about how the one.network map works?

If you’re interested in learning how you can create traffic management plans, or plot closures and diversions easily on the one.network map, please get in touch. You can contact us at support@one.network or via the contact form on our website. We’ll always be happy to show you around.

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