The missing link: how one platform can help you create and communicate work zone plans what does it do?

In short, it’s a one-stop shop for work zone and traffic planning. It lets users create and communicate their traffic management plans by plotting them directly onto a real-time map, which sends live updates to sat-navs and the public.

1. Create & Coordinate

Plot a new event on the map and choose its category: work zone, special event, or incident. Add information such as an event name, description, dates, enforcement times and expected impact – and even a designated point of contact. While you’re at it, check to see what activity is happening around your event that might affect your own coordination — are there any other road closures or major events?

2. Add Detail

Step two is adding traffic management interventions associated with your event: this includes specific geometries of lane closures and road closures; detours; VMS signs, and temporary one-way systems. Bonus: with our Live Link module, you can close roads and lanes in real-time from both our web-based tool and via our mobile app on the roadside — which immediately diverts drivers away from the closure.

3. Communicate

Finally, it’s time to share your plan. You can do this by publishing it live on the map to share the plan instantly with both the public and all major sat-nav providers. Not only this, but you can set up email alerts to notify your team or important stakeholders (e.g. media), share your plans on social media and auto-populate documents with the work zone, special event, or incident details, along with screenshots directly from the map.

How does help?

The key advantage of is that it lets transport officials plan work zones and events in a newly efficient way; all from a single dashboard.

What do users think?

We caught up with some of our day-to-day users to find out what they think about our



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