All change at Street Manager and the Department for Transport

Data is at the heart of And we rely on our customers — and some organisations (like a few remaining local authorities) who aren’t our customers — to provide that.

But data doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It represents tangible events such as timings of traffic interventions, details of utility companies’ operations, and street works schedules.

Some of that information is sensitive, and it’s our responsibility is to protect it. This is why the Department for Transport is changing the way organisations like can share it.

We’re working collaboratively with the DfT, and with our customers, to understand what this means for users. But the likelihood is that we’ll no longer be able to display the same amount of information to everybody.

Here are some of the changes we’re expecting to see.

  • Some information will have to be removed for users who aren’t logged in*

*It’s free to register and log into Just click here.

These changes affect the whole industry, not just, but we’re here to support our users and customers in making this transition seamless. They’ll be implemented over the coming weeks, and we’ll be sharing more information here and via email as we respond to the adjustments.

Our team are on standby to answer your questions: just get in touch at

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