11 highways and transport sites you need to be following

Here at one.network, we like to keep up with all the latest roadworks, highways and transport-related news. It helps us understand what’s happening on our roads and improve our platform, to ensure we’re doing everything we can to help our customers plan and communicate their traffic management strategies effectively.

So we thought we’d share our favourite highways and transport-related news publications with you, because we know it’s important to our users to stay up-to-date too.

1) Highways Industry

First up is Highways Industry. If you’re in a road-related sector, you’ve likely heard of this one. It’s the UK’s largest dedicated highway industry platform with 13,000 subscribers and a social network audience of over 124,000. It reports all the latest news, safety information, and highways innovation, as well as sharing special features on businesses within the industry.

The site has dedicated sections for health and safety, innovation, local authorities, intelligent transport systems, and sustainability. It even has a directory of industry-related businesses you can search through. And don’t forget to head over to the videos tab for dedicated video content!

Twitter: @HighwaysOnline
Facebook: @HighwaysOnline
LinkedIn: Highways Industry

2) Highways Magazine

Highways Magazine, available both digitally and in print, is a publication dedicated to informing, inspiring and connecting the highway maintenance and traffic management industry.

There are 10 editions each year including supplements and supplier profiles. In addition, it shares tonnes of industry-related news on their site. We recommend signing up to their ‘Highways on Fridays’ email subscription service, which delivers relevant and up-to-date news to your inbox every Friday. Their ‘Smart Highways’ podcast is also well worth a listen, with broadcasts from events all over the world and industry updates.

If you’re looking for some interesting and industry-related events, Highways Magazine hosts multiple, including Traffex and the Road Expo Scotland conference at which key suppliers, trade associations, and influencers from the highways and traffic sectors can gather together to share their opinions and listen to others’ thoughts.

Since 2005, Highways Magazine has been running the famous annual Highways Awards to recognise and celebrate industry businesses. You can book your seat at the virtual event for 2021 by clicking here.

Twitter: @highwaysmag

LinkedIn: Highways Magazine

3) TransportXtra

TransportXtra publishes a couple of different transport related magazines including Local Transport Today and Parking Review. Their site, however, is the main attraction.

TransportXtra.com features all the latest news, analysis and comment from leading transport trade press and shares the most up-to-date transport intelligence information. They cover everything from highways and infrastructure, to urban development, to parking and enforcement. Like Highways Magazine, they also host a variety of events for different areas of the industry such as the upcoming SWHA Highway to Zero Carbon conference.

Some articles are free to read, or you can sign up for a subscription to access all of their content here. You can even sign up to multiple publications under one subscription.

Facebook: @TransportXtra
Twitter: @TransportXtra
LinkedIn: TransportXtra

4) Streetworks UK

Street Works UK is a bit different to the sites we’ve already mentioned. It’s a cross sector trade association which represents all utilities including gas, electricity, water, sewage, telecommunications and their contract partners. It works with ministers, civil servants, policymakers, parliamentarians, businesses and campaign bodies to support the development of fair and achievable streetwork policies.

A large part of their work is their ‘Vision for Streetworks’. The aim is to improve streetworks standards across the UK with a focus on digitalisation, innovation, developing skills, collaboration, and the environment.

Streetworks UK shares regular news updates about the utility sector on its website for free, and often hosts online and in-person events for its members. Any utility company can become a member of Streetworks UK, as can industry consortiums, contractor companies and those who provide goods, equipment and services to support Streetworks UK’s Vision for Streetworks.

Twitter: @StreetWorksUK
LinkedIn: Street Works UK

5) ADEPT — Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport

ADEPT is a voluntary organisation responsible for the provision of services for local highways, recycling, waste and planning. It’s made up of 85+ county, unitary and combined authority members, 3 sub-national transport bodies, 12 local enterprise partnerships (LEPs), and 20 corporate partners across England.

Its main aim is delivering clean, sustainable growth on a local level by managing projects to help create resilient, inclusive, and safe communities, economies and infrastructure.

On its website, its shares useful updates, news and regular blog posts from the ADEPT president. Becoming a member of this organisation means you’ll also get access to all of its events and extensive online resources, plus the opportunity to contribute to government policy and other networking opportunities.

To join, you must be a local authority Director, a Chief Executive or Strategic Director at an LEP or sub-national transport body; a former local authority Director, or a former ADEPT member. However, if you’re part of a corporate body, ADEPT also offers a corporate membership option — check it out!

Twitter: @ADEPTLA
LinkedIn: ADEPT

6) Highways News

Highways News is a digital news publication committed to supporting and promoting the highways sector and related industries. It features all the latest stories such as contract and personnel changes, design, maintenance and construction updates as well as advancements in tech, environment and safety solutions.

You can subscribe to its daily newsletter to keep in the loop about everything going on in this fast-moving industry. Just hit the ‘Newsletter’ tab on the website and fill in your details. You can also subscribe to its weekly podcast ‘Highways Voices’ on several major podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Facebook: @HighwaysNews
Twitter: @highways_news
LinkedIn: Highways News

7) Highways Today

Highways Today is a great resource if you’re interested in learning about what’s happening in the industry internationally. It covers highways-related news from across the globe.

Not only does its news span most of the world, it also covers a diversity of areas, including ITS and smart highways, traffic and road safety, vehicle tech, as well as construction materials such as asphalt and concrete. It even has a dedicated B2B directory, split by sector.

You can sign up for its email newsletter here, or via the footer on its website.

Facebook: @highwaystoday
Twitter: @HighwaysToday
LinkedIn: Highways.Today

8) World Highways

World Highways is a highways industry news site, published by Route One Publishing; a Kent-based publishing house responsible for a variety of business news sites.

On its site is info about all the latest news, product releases, features on key businesses and their actions, as well as video content. There is also a whole tab dedicated to the events they host.

World Highways has a lively highways-themed digital magazine, too, as well as two others: Aggregate Business Europe and ITS International. You can subscribe for free to one or all of them here.

Facebook: @WorldHighways
Twitter: @World_Highways
LinkedIn: World Highways Magazine

9) Cities Today

If you’re looking for a news source which focuses on urban development, you need to follow Cities Today.

Cities Today is a global magazine sharing information and best practices on sustainable urban development, straddling the bridge between public and private sector interests. Its editorial board is made up of experts from the World Bank, the United Nations Environment program and UN Habitat, as well as several planning and city associations.

For all the important updates on mobility, smart tech, safety and security and resource efficiency, you’ll wantto check out the digital magazine available in its ‘Knowledge Hub’. If you’re interested, there’s also a bunch of great courses and events available on their website.

One highlight is the breadth of places at which you can keep up with the magazine’s news: you can download the app, sign up to receive their weekly update emails, or join its debate group on LinkedIn.

Facebook: @citiestoday
Twitter: @Cities_Today
LinkedIn: Cities Today

10) Motor Transport

Motor Transport is both an online news source and a print magazine. Its publisher is also responsible for the Truck & Driver magazine, which has some useful news and content too!

On its site, Motor Transport shares all the latest news about the transport industry, as well as operator news, urban distribution updates and contract wins. It frequently posts interviews with people from the industry and hosts some excellent free webinars.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the Motor Transport Awards and Top 100 — a list of the largest third-party logistics operators in the UK.

To get a free copy of the weekly newsletter, plus road transport industry data and free advice, you just have to register here.

Facebook: @motortransport
Twitter: @Motor_Transport
LinkedIn: Motor Transport

11) AASHTO — American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Looking across the pond, AASHTO is a nonprofit association representing highway and transportation departments, and so is an amazing source of transportation-related news from across the US.

On its AASHTO Journal site, you’ll find a mix of shorter news articles and lengthier journals — perfect for gaining a deeper understanding of the US transportation sector. AASHTO also produces some great video content over on Transportation TV, and its own magazine.

We love receiving its ‘Daily Transportation Update’ in our inboxes, and would highly recommend subscribing. You can do so by filling in your details on this page.

Facebook: @AASHTOspeaks
Twitter: @aashtospeaks
LinkedIn: AASHTO (American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials)

Wait, we almost forgot ourselves!

While one.network is not a transport industry news site, we do share lots of updates about the roadworks, highways and utilities industries across our different channels. We want to help keep our followers in the loop with what’s going on.

You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for regular, relevant industry-related posts, and find out company news on the news tab of our website!

If you’re one of our US fans, we’d recommend subscribing to our news and update emails here.

Bonus tip

Before we go, we have one last bonus tip for you. If you really want to stay up-to-date with everything going on in the industry, you should set up Google Alerts to your email inbox.

Simply head to Google Alerts online and type in the keyword you want to hear news about, for example, ‘roadworks’. You can then chose how often you want news update emails about this topic, how many stories you want to see and which regions you’d most like to hear about.



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